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Atoa Pay is a payment gateway that lets UK e-commerce merchants accept payments directly from their customers’ banking apps. It’s fast, fair, secure, and works with all major UK banks.

With Atoa Pay, merchants can save up to 70% on payment fees compared to other payment gateways. To get started, merchants simply need to install the Atoa Pay plugin on their WooCommerce or WordPress site. Once the plugin is installed, customers will be able to pay with a single tap from their banking app.

Atoa Pay is the perfect way to make it easy for customers to pay, while saving merchants money on payment fees. If you’re a UK e-commerce merchant looking for a way to save money and improve the checkout experience for your customers, then Atoa Pay is the perfect solution for you.

Benefits of Using Atoa Pay

Reduces friction, cart abandonment, and increases revenue: Atoa Pay uses Open Banking account-to-account payment, which is a more convenient and secure way to pay than traditional credit or debit card payments. This can lead to a reduction in friction, cart abandonment, and an increase in revenue for your business.
Reduces chargebacks and payment gateway costs: When customers make payments using their mobile banking it reduces your overall payment gateway costs.
Provides instant settlements: Atoa Pay provides instant settlements, which means that you will receive the funds from your customers’ payments immediately. This can improve your cash flow and help you to manage your finances more effectively.
Effortless 3-Step Integration: Seamlessly integrate Atoa Pay into your website or online store with just three simple clicks. Begin by installing the plugin, then generate your API key, and finally, toggle on Atoa Pay within the woo-commerce payment settings. It’s that easy!
Overall, Atoa Pay is a great way to improve the checkout experience for your customers, reduce your payment costs, and improve your cash flow.

User data and 3rd party APIs

For our payment service. We are using Yapily s payment infrastructure to accept customer payments. Refer to the terms of use of Yapily and their privacy policy.

Here is the link to Atoa s terms of service and privacy policy to know more about how we handle customer and payment data.


  • Atoa WooCommerce Plugin settings
  • Atoa Payment WooCommerce Plugin Payments checkout
  • Atoa Payment API credential in Dashboard


To integrate the Atoa Pay plugin with your website, adhere to the straightforward step-by-step instructions provided below:

  1. Install the Atoa Business app from AppStore or Playstore
  2. Sign up using your business details.
  3. Click on the store icon on the homepage’s left side and tap on settings.
  4. Click on API access and generate a production key.
  5. Navigate to the WordPress plugin marketplace and search for Atoa Pay.
  6. Activate the plugin, and navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > All payment methods > Manage and paste your Access Secret.
  7. Click on Enable Atoa Pay when you are ready to go live.
  8. Congratulations! Atoa Pay is now activated and ready for processing payments!

Please note: The redirect URL should only be used by merchants with a physical POS. For online payments, ignore the redirect URL, as once payment is complete we will automatically take your customer to the order confirmation page.

If you require further assistance, you can find comprehensive documentation here, or you may reach out to us at


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