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Coupomated Connect is a WordPress plugin specifically designed for affiliate coupon and cashback websites. It simplifies the task of adding affiliate stores and handling coupons. With just a few clicks, you can import hundreds of stores and manage thousands of coupons that automatically update and expire. Plus, setting up affiliate links is a breeze. Just enter your affiliate IDs in the dashboard, set their order of priority, and let the system ensure every link works flawlessly.

Supported Themes

  1. CouponORB
  2. Rehub
  3. ClipMyDeals
  4. Couponer – coming soon…
  5. CouponXL – coming soon…
  6. Many more coming soon…

Feel free to write to our support if your choice of theme is not available and we will develop the integration.

Important Note: Coupomated Connect operates independently and is not affiliated with certain themes mentioned herein. We offer a standalone bulk import tool compatible with prevalent themes. For inquiries related to theme functionalities, please reach out to the respective theme developer. For support concerning coupon data feeds or imports, we recommend contacting the Coupomated team directly.


  • Automatic Store Creation: Create hundreds of stores in a few minutes to go live with a massive store collection. You can also keep creating more stores by enabling them from your coupomated dashboard feed.
  • Daily Coupon Updates: With Coupomated, create new coupons, update existing coupons, and expire the old coupons fully automatically.
  • SEO-friendly unique content: We generate unique content using proprietary tech as well as GPT AI tools to provide you with unique content.
  • Industry-Standard Categorization: Our coupons and deals are meticulously sorted into comprehensive categories, ensuring easy navigation and relevance.
  • Personalized Affiliate Settings: Customize your affiliate preferences directly on Your offers and coupons will be automatically monetized with deeplinks from your chosen Affiliate Network.
  • Authentic Deeplinks: The deep links generated are always working and contain your Affiliate IDs, ensuring you receive the full commission.
  • Discover More: For an in-depth list of our features, head over to


For any questions or support, feel free to email us at or visit Coupomated helpdesk to raise a ticket.


This plugin connects with the database using your unique API Key to import the stores and latest affiliate offers and coupons. We recommend reviewing the Coupomated\’s offerings and reviewing their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


  • Coupon API Feed Settings
  • Coupon API Import History Log
  • Coupon Feed Auto Imported Stores
  • Automated Imported Coupons from API Feed


  1. Install & configure any of the supported Coupon Themes.
  2. Download this plugin (.zip file) OR search from the plugin directory from within the WordPress admin and extract it in the wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the Plugin from the Plugins page in the WordPress Admin Panel.
  4. Create an account on Coupomated, and get your API Key.
  5. Go to your website WordPress admin -> Coupomated Connect plugin, and enter your API Key, and save the key.
  6. For the first time, you can also import the stores, coupons, and categories on-demand manually by triggering import from the available option.
  7. Once all is set up, configure the store and coupon import frequency (hours) to auto-pilot the imports.


What is Coupomated?

Coupomated provides affiliate coupons & offers via API. It also provides master data of affiliate stores and categories along with metadata. Apart from providing coupons and offers, it takes care of creating affiliate links from your partner affiliate networks fully automatically.

What is Coupomated Connect?

Coupomated Connect is a WordPress plugin that seamlessly integrates with the Coupomated coupon data feed, providing daily updates of coupons from numerous online retailers.

How does Coupomated categorize coupons?

Coupons and deals are meticulously sorted into comprehensive categories based on industry standards, ensuring easy navigation and relevance.

How do I set up my affiliate preferences with Coupomated?

Users can customize their affiliate preferences directly on Deals and coupons will then be automatically monetized with deeplinks from the chosen Affiliate Network.

Is Coupomated service available for free?

Yes, Coupomated coupon data feed is available for FREE. However, it also has a paid plan to give you full control over the data feed for large data.

Here is the typical use case-specific recommendation for the subscription plan


  • Beginner in online business.
  • Blogger with niche coupon verticals.
  • Starting an affiliate business with a low budget.
  • Explore how an automated coupon website works for free.


  • Beginner in affiliate marketing.
  • Cashback coupon websites.
  • Coupon sites looking to promote more merchants.
  • PHP or WordPress coupon theme customers


  • Professional startup looking to build an affiliate business.
  • Existing websites like online shopping forums, cashback & deal websites.
  • International company looking to expand affiliate marketing business in India.


  • Rapidly growing enterprise businesses
  • Grow the rich with more merchants & offers
  • Customized solution with more capabilities

Please visit our pricing to get more information on plan-specific features.

Does Coupomated Connect support automatic store creation?

Yes, if a store isn\’t already present in your theme, the plugin will seamlessly create it for you.

Where can I find more detailed information about Coupomated\’s features?

For an in-depth list of features and functionalities, users can visit

How can I get support for the Coupomated Connect plugin?

For any questions or support, users can email or visit the Coupomated Support page to raise a ticket.


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