Disqus Conditional Load


DCL is an advanced version of Disqus Commenting System, with which experience the boosted page loading speed difference. This free plugin adds advanced features like lazy loading and SHORTCODE, comment widgets, script disabling etc to your Disqus powered website.

  • This plugin doesn’t require jQuery. We use pure JavaScript

Disqus Conditional Load, popular features..

  • All the features from official Disqus plugin.
  • Lazy load Disqus comments using – OnScroll,OnClick and Normal.
  • Use shortcode to load comments anywhere.
  • Custom Post Types support.
  • Adjust Disqus container width
  • Disable/Enable count scripts if not using.
  • Developer friendly.
  • Available @GitHub.

Installation | Docs | Screenshots

Disqus Conditional Load Pro

This plugin has a premium version with more cool advanced features like.

  • On Scroll Start lazy loading – MOST WANTED!
  • Seperate options for mobile and desktop.
  • Woocommerce support without breaking review tab.
  • Easy Digital Downloads support.
  • Comment Count on Button.
  • Disqus Comments as Widget.
  • Disqus Popular Comments Widget
  • Beautiful inbuilt button styles.
  • Priority support over email.

Upgrade to DCL Pro

Other Features by Disqus and DCL

  • jQuery independent, using only javascript.
  • Support for importing existing comments.
  • Ability to remove all disqus scripts from custom post types.
  • Adjust the Disqus comments width.
  • You can use SHORTCODE to load disqus where ever on the page.
  • Prevent auto load of Disqus Comments.
  • Choose how to load Disqus comments ( On, scroll down, scroll start or click ).
  • Custom comment button class
  • Ability to disable even count.js script.
  • Auto-sync (backup) of comments with Disqus and WordPress database
  • Threaded comments and replies
  • Notifications and reply by email
  • Subscribe and RSS options
  • Aggregated comments and social mentions
  • Powerful moderation and admin tools
  • Full spam filtering, blacklists and whitelists
  • Support for Disqus community widgets
  • Connected with a large discussion community
  • Increased exposure and readership

Bug Reports

Bug reports for DCL are always welcome. Report here. Please do not send support requests here.

More information

Disqus Comments – Overview

Disqus, pronounced discuss”, is a service and tool for web comments and discussions. Disqus makes commenting easier and more interactive, while connecting websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community.

If you do not yet have a Disqus account, registering for Disqus is free and only takes you about 30 seconds. Optionally you can do this after installing the plugin.

Bug Reports

Bug reports for DCL are always welcome. Report here. Please do not send support requests here.


  • Comments Moderation Dashboard
  • Disqus Comments UI
  • General Settings ( Some options are Pro only ).
  • Sample Button when On Click lazy load enabled.


Please make sure that you have deactivated Disqus official plugin first,
because this plugin is a stand alone plugin. You don’t have to use Disqus plugin if you use this one. If you try to activate this along with Disqus, it will throw a Fatal Error for sure. All Disqus features are available too.!

Installing the plugin

  1. In your WordPress admin panel, go to Plugins > New Plugin, search for Disqus Conditional Load and click Install now
  2. Alternatively, download the plugin and upload the contents of disqus-conditional-load.zip to your plugins directory, which usually is /wp-content/plugins/.
  3. Activate the plugin
  4. Log into your Disqus account from Comments->Disqus, then choose the forum shortname you would like to install.

Setup Disqus for your website

  1. Go to Disqus and register or login.
  2. Add your website details and register.
  3. Once you finish this, you can follow above step to istall the plugin.

Configuring Advanced Features

  1. Go to DCL Settings
  2. There you can configure Disqus with advanced features.

Need more help?

Please take a look at the DCL documentation or open a support request.

Upgrade to DCL Pro

If you like this plugin, consider upgrading to the Pro version of Disqus Conditional Load for an even better plugin!


Which is the best lazy load option?

Both scroll and click are awesome. Use according to your preference.

How can I register with Disqus?

Go to Disqus and register

How to use shortcode?

Use the following shortcode in your post/page where you want to show comments.


What are the main differences between DCL Pro and Free?

Please have a look at the DCL Pro vs Free comparision page on official website.

I don’t want Disqus scripts on custom posts. Can I remove that?

Yes. GO to DCL settings and enter custom post type name from which you want to remove dsiqus scripts.

More documentation

More detailed documentation can be found on the DCL documentation section.


Мартъи 20, 2024
Great plugin but I’ve just disabled it as it automatically inserted ads into my website – no idea when this occurred but I assume it’s been a long time. I’ve got it noted that I will never run adverts on my website, so this was extra frustrating. No options to disable the ads, either, and the pro version makes no mention of advertising being disabled once purchased.
Октябрь 3, 2022 1 reply
Hi I have the pro version and it gives fatal error when activated…can you please fix this?
Сентябрь 9, 2021
I feel grateful to see many plugins like this who offers resources that original plugins don’t give any importance. Disqus Conditional Load are a wonderfull plugin for his proposal, make pages load a lot better from the awfull (performance wise) original Disqus plugin. But all this going to the ground when you have some simple bugs that are asked in support thread that Author just ignore. This bugs makes pages prevents load faster… and this is not the main purpose of this plugin? Then all his (and ours) efforts to make this plugin works are for nothing… I feel really sad, that this absence from free plugins authors are everyday more present in Wordpress community, making another CMS options everyday more interesting and better than the main Wordpress objective. I really feel a great lack of responsibility and it’s very frustrating. Of course I will never buy a pro version of the plugin for any of my Agency client sites, I don’t feel any confidence that I will have any support in case of problems and will lose money… But it is interesting that anyone who asks for support here when mentioning the word PRO in the topics is answered. Those who don’t do this are ignored…
Сентябрь 11, 2020 1 reply
it showing ads without my permission I just delete it
Февраль 15, 2020 1 reply
Really bad experience.The pro version has no support. On their site the support form has errors for over 3 months. I sent 2 emails directly to the developer.Never answer… Do not buy the pro version.It is without support!
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Contributors & Developers

“Disqus Conditional Load” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Security fixes.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Security fixes.


👌 Improvements

  • Update Disqus to latest version.
  • Test compatibility with WP 6.2
  • Minor improvements.


👌 Improvements

  • Update Disqus to latest version.
  • Use new build tools.
  • Test compatibility with WP 5.7

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix console errors.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix scroll type JS error.


👌 Improvements

  • Tested with WordPress 5.5.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix comments count script issue.
  • Fix Rocket Loader support.


👌 Improvements

  • Replace comments anchor link with Disqus thread link.


📦 New Features

  • Complete rewrite based on Disqus 3.0..
  • Tested with WordPress 5.0

👌 Improvements

  • Improvements in UI.
  • Improvements in speed.
  • Fixed cron related bugs.


👌 Improvements

  • Added diqsus JavaScript variable configs to the page.
  • Broken respond link fixed.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.5.1


📦 New Features

  • Option to remove disqus scripts from post types.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Issues with custom post types fixed.
  • Deprecated usage fixed.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.5.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when # found in url.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues in caching plugins – Thanks to jackennils
  • Tested with WordPress 4.4.1


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues in Internet Explorer after last update



  • GOOD NEWS! This plugin is now jQuery independent. That means we use just javascript. So no jQuery issues!
  • Improved performance


New Features

  • Added option to choose comment div width in % and pixel
  • Added option to make CloudFlair Rocket Loader ignore the script


  • Changed comments div align to center using inline css.


Bug Fixes

  • Added checking if USER_AGENT is set before checking current user agent -Thanks to johnstonphilip
  • Tested with WordPress 4.3.1



  • Big SEO improvement – Showing synced WordPress comments to Search engine bots even if lazy load.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.3


Bug Fixes
– Fixed wrong output error in dcl-functions.php – Thanks to Syed Irfaq R
– Tested with WordPress 4.2.4.


Bug Fixes
– Fixed issues with custom post type support
– Removed activation set up redirect since it is causing issues on few servers ( Nginx )
– Added warning message if Disqus is not configured properly.
– Removed DCL settings sub menu links since it is causing redirect error.


Bug Fixes
– Fixed issue with count.js


Bug Fixes
– Fixed not loading when ‘Render Javascript in external files’ unchecked.
– Fixed Activator class error.
– Fixed undefined variable from Disqus.


– Fixed old options not being transferred when updating.


New Feature

  • Now you can adjust Disqus comments section width.


  • Big improvements in coding standard.
  • Changed to OOPS structure. Thanks to – Tom McFarlin,
  • Released new dedicated website for the plugin.
  • Included latest version of Disqus Commenting System.


  • Fixed issues with Woocommerce review


  • Moved jQuery code to footer for performance


  • A small bug fix


  • Fixed a bug ( Not going directly to a particular comments if link contains #comments )


  • Fixed issue with custom posts


  • Fixed issue with woocommerce review tab


  • Fixed ssl issue
  • Fixed comments not loading on urls having #comments


  • Added new feature – Disabling count.js.
  • Releases Pro Version.
  • Improved admin page


  • Fixed few bugs.
  • Added ability to disable lazy load (But shortcode can be used)
  • Removed old version jQuery


  • Fixed one serious issue regarding count notification.


  • Small bug fix on default values.
  • Performance improved.


  • Added normal Disqus load when access comment id via url.
  • Modified admin tab.
  • Suggested by – Ian.
  • Fixed alignment issue.


  • Added easy-to-use tabbed admin page.
  • Ability to show normal Disqus comments in SHORTCODE is not found.
  • Custom loading message to show before loading Disqus comments.
  • Improved performance.


  • Fixed one jQuery bug.
  • Removed unwanted jQuery codes.


  • Fixed conflict issue with some plugins.
  • Improved performance.


  • Fixed jquery conflict issue.
  • Reported by – Raman, Rick
  • Fixed one bug.
  • Improved performance.


  • Fixed alignment issues on admin page.
  • Hidden unwanted things from comments template.
  • Improved performance.


  • Bug fix.
  • Removed some unwanted scripts that caused javascript errors.
  • Reported by – Josef
  • Hidden default WordPress comments (it was showing without style before Disqus loads)


  • Support forum added


  • Integrated with official Disqus plugin.
  • Added all official plugin features.
  • Custom class usage on button.
  • Moved menu to comments menu
  • Bug fixes.


  • Bug fix.


  • Bug fix.


  • Added more advanced features.
  • Withdrawn PRO version. All features are free!!


  • Subversion update with structure fix.


  • option to disable comments on home page/front page.


  • Improved admin menu


  • Fixed issues on scroll option.
  • Improved codes.
  • Works without Disqus Installed.


  • If username not given it will not load
  • Redirect to admin page after activation


  • Added admin menu
  • Added two methods (onclick and onscroll)
  • User can change settings from admin page.


  • Added first version without admin menu