This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress. Editing Toolkit


This plugin is experimental. You’re welcome to try it, just be aware that it is only designed to work on the environment and could break after an update.


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Homepage Articles
  • A C Posts List


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/full-site-editing directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Create a new page and select a template that best suits your needs.
  4. Place the Blog Posts Listing” block anywhere you want inside the block editor.


Can I use this plugin in production?

We’ll be making frequent updates to the plugin as we flesh out its feature set. You’re welcome to try it, just be aware that it is only designed to work on the environment and could break after an update.

How is the Blog Posts Listing block different from the Latest Posts block in Core?

It adds an excerpt! And meta information! It really is much more useful, especially if your looking for a block that gives readers a better idea about your latest posts than just the title.

Do you provide support for this plugin?

This plugin is experimental, so we don’t provide any support for it outside of websites hosted on at this time.


Май 23, 2023
I’d give a better review but it crashes if you try to update wordpress or the plugin…
Май 15, 2023
After activating the plugin I’ve couldn’t access to WP desktop panel. I’ve had to rename the plugin folder to have access to my panel.Very annoying.
Мартъи 6, 2023 1 reply
Admin panel is not working anymore after installation. Error: Een fout van het type E_ERROR werd veroorzaakt op regelnummer 130 van het bestand /home/sisoft/webapps/sisoft-nl/wp-content/plugins/full-site-editing/help-center/class-help-center.php. Foutmelding: Uncaught Error: Class Jetpack_Options” not found in /home/sisoft/webapps/sisoft-nl/wp-content/plugins/full-site-editing/help-center/class-help-center.php:130 Wordpress error message
Февраль 25, 2023
Still causing the fatal errors it has been. Recently updated four days ago, but only compatible up to 6.0.3, whereas Wordpress itself is 6.1.1. Coming from Automattic you would think they would have fixed it by now. Hopefully soon. Until then, dueces.
Декабрь 18, 2022
Originally I said: Overall it adds nice features, but it has a massive bug in that you can not edit or create Pages while this plugin is active. You have to turn it off to edit pages otherwise you get an error page of The editor has encountered an unexpected error.” This really needs to be fixed. But that’s now moot.  Now the plugin entirely breaks the site so you can’t log in.  Fortunately WP has recovery mode to get around this and remove this piece of junk.  This should be pulled from the plugins as broken and destructive until such time as a new functional version would be made.
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Contributors & Developers

“ Editing Toolkit” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“ Editing Toolkit” has been translated into 21 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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Interested in development?

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View the commit history here:


  • Focused Launch: redirect to checkout after launch for eCommerce plan in Calypso (
  • Focused Launch: Once there is a plan selected, do not use plan from cart anymore. (
  • Set an order for page layout categories (
  • Focused Launch: show Name your site step for non-EN sites (


  • Page layout picker: Fix broken web fonts in page layout picker large preview (
  • Move page template modal into its own package (
  • Patterns: Reveal the Featured pattern category and make it the first in the list (
  • Focused Launch – Summary View: Fix incorrect HE support link (
  • Update Newspack Blocks to v1.21.0 (
  • Focused Launch: Only launch site if checkout is complete (
  • Launch: Cleanup calypsoifyGutenberg (
  • Remove Anchor-specific welcome guide (
  • Patterns: Allow custom viewport width when registering patterns (
  • Disable premium block patterns feature due to performance issues (
  • Focused Launch: Fix billing period tracking in summary (
  • Focused Launch: Fix domain picker item flex spacing (


  • Unhide draft button when site hasn’t launched yet. (
  • Fix issues in Focused Launch


  • Introduces a What’s New” dialogue for the editor. (
  • Updates newspack blocks to v1.20, fixing issues with AMP and specific posts” mode. (
  • Fix issues in the plan selector. (
  • Improve translations in site launch and onboarding. (


  • WelcomeTour: capture mousedown event and call preventDefault on the event (
  • Premium Content: Remove from the Editing Toolkit plugin (
  • Anchor: Gutenboarding Launch works immediately without domain or plan selection (
  • Editing Toolkit: Update Newspack blocks to v1.19.0 (
  • Plans store: Always pass locale to plans store (
  • Welcome Tour: Prevent clicks on Tour from bubbling up to the Block Inserter (


  • Fix Global Styles Panel Font Change Update (
  • Welcome Tour: combine existing and variant tour plugins (
  • Launch: Fix launch button translations not loaded. (
  • Gutenboarding: Fix eCommerce plan not being recommended (
  • Gutenboarding: Fix Choose a domain I own” layout on mobile (
  • Domain Picker: Prevent instant error on domain step during editor launch flow (
  • Focused Launch: Highlight selected plan in Focused Launch – Detailed Plans. (


  • Add plugin to transform i18n imports to local variables (
  • Plans Grid: add monthly pricing option (
  • Gutenboarding: Calypso-Free Launch Button Injection (


  • Hide plugin buttons in header on mobile layouts (


  • New Onboarding Launch: fix plans data-store integration (
  • Refunds: update copy to reflect 14-day refunds (
  • Editing toolkit: clean out contributors list in readme (
  • Fix untranslated text in Domain Picker (
  • Use @automattic/format-currency package to format prices in Plan Store (
  • Patterns and SPT: Add pattern_meta is_web param to calls to the ptk/patterns endpoint (
  • Switch on block pattern modifications (


  • Starter page templates: remove sidebar component (#48948)
  • Starter page templates: Prevent links and buttons from being clicked within the layout preview (
  • Fix bug where premium content popover preview in block transformations menu would freeze the editor (
  • Focused-Launch: fix styling for disabled Free plan card (
  • Update type definitions (
  • Add a basic for the Welcome Tour (


  • Welcome Guide (Tour & NUX modal): add flag to track if guide is opened manually via MoreMenu
  • Welcome Tour: adjust z-index to show above editor side nav
  • Welcome Tour: prevent showing on Start Page Layout selection page


  • Fix issue where block patterns did not load.


  • Template Selector: Use patterns API
  • Focused Launch: Debounce domain search for focused launch on key press.
  • Domain Picker: Added Use a domain I own” item.
  • Welcome Tour: update copy and add i18n wrappers.
  • Remove editor welcome tour images and replace with urls to those same.


  • Domain Picker: make items keyboard accessible (
  • Patterns: Guard the premium patterns indicator behind an Object.isExtensible check to prevent editor fatals in SCRIPT_DEBUG mode. (
  • Onboarding: Fix plan picker comparison table width on large displays. (
  • Add an initial sync to remove need to make an edit for sync to happen. (
  • Editor welcome tour tracking and fixes. (
  • New Onboarding: pre-select subdomain in editor launch flow. (
  • New Onboarding: use site slug instead of siteId when redirecting after launch. (
  • Coming Soon: add php unit tests. (
  • Focused Launch: miscellaneous improvements and fixes
  • Checkout: miscellaneous fixes


  • Page layout selector: Fixed an issue where the wrong close button would appear in certain circumstances. (


  • Page layout selector: Use description of the templates as label for screen readers (
  • Remove usages of lodash trimEnd() (
  • Patterns: Swap can_register_pattern logic from using a tag, to using pattern_meta instead (
  • NUX: New Welcome Tour Component (
  • NUX: Custom Welcome Guide for Anchor users (
  • Newspack Blocks: Update to 1.17.1 (


  • Premium Patterns: add pink dot to indicate a premium pattern in the inserter. (
  • Coming Soon: add coming soon wpcom localized url filter. (


  • Removes unnecessary site editor implementation from the plugin. (


  • New onboarding Launch: Fix subdomain selection and update menu (
  • Onboarding: Fix missing translations (
  • Onboarding: Improve displaying domain search errors (


  • Focused Launch: Render selected popular plan only once (
  • Patterns: fix PHP notice about undefined offset in can_register_pattern (
  • Focused Launch: Get selected domain and plan from cart if available (
  • Focused Launch: Add persistent success view after launch (
  • Focused Launch: Implement step highlighting logic (


  • Premium Content: Fix selection of payment plans (
  • Coming soon: Check for coming soon mode on 404 (
  • Onboarding: Add support for RTL site launch stylesheet (
  • Coming soon: Show Coming Soon on blog post pages (


  • Domain Picker: Persistent Domain (
  • Focused Launch: Add Launch your site button (


  • Coming soon: Show coming soon page when showing posts on front (
  • Coming soon: Fix login link on coming soon page (
  • Launch: Launch flow can use translations from global translation functions (


  • Launch: open launch modal in editor only for free sites created in New Onboarding (
  • Focused Launch: add launch success view (
  • Premium Content: Use snackbar for error and success messages (
  • Coming soon: only show the coming soon page for singular, archive and search posts (
  • Patterns: Support skipping registering patterns with a requires-align-wide tag (


  • Premium Content: Compatibility fix for Gutenberg >= 9.3.0 (


  • Launch: support i18n in plans grid (
  • Launch: support i18n in domain picker (
  • Premium Content: add block preview for the Premium Content block (
  • Premium Content: allow the payments button to know when it’s inside the premium content block (
  • Coming soon: remove cookie banner, open graph, gravatar and other unneeded features from coming soon page (
  • Coming soon: fix the localised login link on the coming soon page (
  • Coming soon: don’t cache the coming soon page (


  • Editor NUX modal: Temporarily make text smaller in editor welcome modal for german language (
  • Editor Toolkit: update slide copy in NUX (
  • Focused Launch: fix domain picker not showing in summary page in Calypso (
  • Premium Content: Make text of Subscribe button editable (
  • Remove premium content block placeholder. (
  • Focused Launch: use site title hook in the name step (
  • Add block pattern dom validation tests (
  • Coming soon fallback page: namespace the class names, add an svg for the wp logo (
  • Update global font pairings (
  • Add recordTracksEvent for Editor NUX modal (


  • Focused Launch: added WIP Focused Launch modal behind a flag (
  • Editor close button should deal with situation where experimental GB feature is unavailable (
  • Premium Content: Remove double banners (
  • Premium Content: Add missing migrations for margin fix (
  • Editing Toolkit: Add a workaround to prevent slider blocks breaking the editor at full width (


  • Gutenberg: Support new line height setting (
  • Gutenberg: Make line-height setting more robust. (


  • Launch: Added persistent launch button. (


  • Editing Toolkit: Load patterns from the rest API endpoint v3 (
  • Contextual-tips: remove /block-editor from URL (
  • Premium Content: Fix margins on child blocks in Varia based themes (
  • Premium Content Block: Remove the intermediate block UI. (
  • ET/FSE: Remove the Showcase New Blocks” module (
  • Add text domain to copy in domain-picker and plans-grid packages (
  • Gutenboarding: stop HotJar capturing input fields in gutenboarding (
  • Launch: Move launch store to package/data-stores. (
  • Launch: Hide inline help button when launch modal opens. (
  • Localise the launch sidebar and final launch step (


  • Enable Coming Soon v2 for a12s


  • Coming Soon v2: adding links to default page (
  • Remove gutenboarding/new-launch” feature flag and checks. (
  • Fixes Global Styles plugin translation (


  • Added launch flow mobile layout (
  • Added vertical space above the first content block when the page title is hidden. (
  • Removed the Premium Content block from the New” category, and add it to the Earn” category. (
  • Styling fixes to Recurring Payments block. (
  • Styling fixes to Premium Content block. (


  • Fixed an error in the Premium Content token subscription service that causing some fatal errors if the auth token was missing (


  • Correct regressions to the Premium Content block. (


  • Site setup: use selected features to recommend a plan (
  • Lint markdown files (


  • Remove direct dependency on swiper (
  • Fix core patterns incorrectly appearing in block patterns inserter (
  • Fixed typo in multi-column text with headline” block pattern (
  • Fix Fatal Error from Custom Exceptions (


  • Bump NewsPack version to 1.8.0 (
  • Starter Page Templates: Add Current layout to page layout picker when editing a homepage (
  • Add tracks events for the block editor sidebar (
  • Site setup: add PlansGrid accordion (
  • Disable the sidebar if the editor is not in fullscreen mode (


  • Improve experience of opening and closing the sidebar with assistive technology (


  • Fix site editor loading problem with Gutenberg 8.9.0 (
  • Added fallback for site vertical (
  • Update pages sidebar design in block editor (
  • Fix FSE Mailerlite translations namespacing (
  • Premium Content: Fix duplicate Stripe nudge notification (
  • Update the Editing Toolkit readme (
  • Premium Content: Fix redirect behavior after connecting to Stripe (
  • Hide editor sidebar first time users sees the editor (
  • Add an aria-label to (W), in header and sidebar, that describes what the button is for, when sidebar is closed Open sidebar”, when W button is open You are viewing sidebar. To close select esc”. (
  • Add aria-label for View all pages” link: aria-label=”View all pages in Dashboard” (or posts as appropriate) (
  • Use an h2 instead of a div for the “Posts” heading (
  • Set autoFocus to (W) icon when sidebar opens (


  • Rename directories from full-site-editing” to editing-toolkit” (
  • Update/premium content loading assets code cleanup (
  • FSE: Add Newspack assets unit tests (


  • Premium Content: load assets using proper hook (
  • EditingToolkit > GlobalStyles: Add new Google fonts (


  • Site setup: Redirect to user’s home after checkout. For both composite and old checkouts. And for simple and atomic (e-commerce) sites. See (
  • Block patterns: Only call unregister on the columns category if currently registered. See (
  • Block editor: Always enable line-height in Gutenberg settings. See (


  • Site setup: Fix delay when starting the flow because of the editor save action.
  • Site setup: Fix possible race condition causing the site to be immediately launched when pressing Complete Setup button.
  • Site setup: Clear Free plan selection when a custom domain is selected.
  • Site setup: Start the flow at the first incomplete step.
  • Site setup: Use site title and existing subdomain as fallbacks for domain search.
  • Site setup: Update step completion to be derived from state instead on saved in Launch store.


  • Fix error in editor when accessing page as a non-user super admin.


  • Fix broken link on mobile when selecting launch flow.


  • Site setup list: fix bug opening customer home inside iframe.
  • Site setup list: show clickable links in launch summary step.


  • Enable site launch flow for dev & horizon environment.
  • Premium Content: Remove Paid wording from title.
  • Premium Content: Fix duplicate Connect To Stripe message.


  • Plugin display name changed to Editing Toolkit.
  • The donation block has been removed from the plugin.
  • Add a launch sidebar to the editor to walk the user through the launch flows.
  • Improved contrast of links in the navigation sidebar.
  • Fix formatting of the site title in the navigation sidebar.
  • Fix broken site editor close button when navigation sidebar is active.


  • Add missing dependencies to package declaration.
  • Remove Latest posts” page from navigation sidebar.


  • Change the category of FSE blocks from legacy to the updated ones (
  • Add a helper function that can be used to assign categories with older fallbacks.
  • Add support for TypeScript tests.
  • Update visual style of navigation sidebar.
  • Fix navigation sidebar dismiss button in IE.
  • Fix missing block inserter on dotcom FSE sites.


  • Experimental navigation sidebar in block editor, can be enabled in config or with a hook.
  • Default content included in the donation block can be edited.
  • Track when the launch button is clicked.


  • Fix broken blocks in page layout picker preview in Firefox.
  • Add settings to the donation block.
  • Fix premium content block to ensure it is auto-selected when mounted.
  • Add fallback to donations block to set default products if none are already defined.
  • Fix block pattern preview viewport scaling.
  • Fix broken site editor page.
  • Add one time payment option to payment plans.
  • Add a general transform to premium content.
  • Fix custom font size in block patterns previews.


  • Improvements to the premium blocks.
  • Add 10 new block patterns.
  • Post List Block: Fix deprecation note update button layout.


  • Add Mailerlite subscriber widget.
  • When launching a site created via /new, save the post content.
    Prevent lost content alert.
  • Update block pattern categories.
  • Fix text-domain of translated strings.


  • Fix issue with Newspack blocks not loading assets.
  • Fix block-editor NUX issues.


  • Save the post before navigation when launching a site.
  • Add handling for site launch on
  • Performance improvements in the block editor.


  • Remove the Edit as HTML” options for the inner blocks of the Premium Content Block.
  • Remove plugin that notified users of the new location of Block Patterns.
  • Support for any UTF-8 character in the Premium Content block.
  • Fixed availability of Premium Content subscription email service.
  • Premium Content block styles adjusted to only load when block is used.
  • Hide Gutenberg’s inserter (in favor of ours).
  • Use require (rather than require_once) for asset files.
  • Flag Premium Content blocks as paid to make clear they require a paid plan.
  • Onboarding: Fix the dimensions of the preview image.


  • Global Styles: Fix a Bad array access” error.
  • Remove default link colors from the editor (fixed in Gutenberg v8.1.0).
  • Add contextual tips to the Block Inserter Menu.
  • Add Premium Content Block success message on plan creation.
  • Rename Posts Carousel Block to Post Carousel Block.


  • Update Premium Block Style and Behaviour
  • Support for Premium Content in email subscription and reader.
  • Add plugin to notify users of Block Patterns new location.
  • Add default link colors to the editor.


  • Update Premium Content Block icon.
  • Add Showcase New Blocks module.
  • Add new patterns, and update pattern order.
  • Bump newspack-blocks version to 1.5.0.
  • Remove page layout preview from document settings.
  • Fixed Call To Action block pattern when CoBlocks, FSE and Layout Grid are active.


  • New Post Carousel block.
  • New Premium Content block.
  • Update header button styling and full width block margins for Gutenberg v8.0.0.
  • Only load common module assets if they are required.
  • Remove loading of blank.css for Global Styles.


  • New block patterns.
  • Performance and style improvements.


  • Fix for site editor option override.
  • Hide post title in Gutenberg depending on theme mod.
  • Fix post list block sync script compatibility.
  • Remove hook for enqueueing site editor assets.
  • Move site editor item to top level menu in wp-admin.


  • SPT IE bug fix.


  • G2 and Gutenberg 7.7.1 compatibility fixes.
  • Update to blog posts block v1.2.
  • Add custom block patterns.
  • SPT and NUX compatibility improvements.


  • Starter Page Templates: fix overflow issue with feature image in blog posts.
  • Global Styles: add new font (Raleway).


  • Dotcom Block Editor NUX: disable by default


  • Starter Page Templates: Improved previews with many visual glitches fixed
  • Starter Page Templates: Make page title visibility depend on theme setting
  • Starter Page Templates: Hide templates using unavailable blocks
  • Starter Page Templates: Track template insertion on Dotcom sites
  • Site Editor: initialize core FSE on Dotcom sites
  • Enable Gutenberg NUX with Gutenberg copy
  • Improved unit testing commands


  • Linting fixes and page layout selector improvements.


  • Fix text domain for i18n for Event Countdown and Timeline


  • Starter Page Templates: Added more than twenty new block editor page templates.
  • Starter Page Templates: Fix issues with full width blocks in the preview.
  • General: Fix style compatibility with the latest versions of the block editor.


  • Address core/nux package deprecation.


  • Blog Posts Block: Tag Exclusion feature
  • Blog Posts Block: Image orientation issues resolved.
  • Blog Posts Block: Full width alignment issue resolved.


  • Introduces Blog Posts block, a better version of Posts List.


  • Fix for Global Styles. Logged out users weren’t getting the fonts properly.


  • Improve style of the template part preview.
  • Consistent back button styles.


  • Delegate FSE support detection to themes by leveraging the theme tags.
  • Enable Global Styles for all template-first themes.
  • Fix back button navigation issues.
  • Keep the sidebar layout selector open by default.
  • Fix editor styles with new Gutenberg version.
  • Click anywhere on header/footer block to Navigate to editor.


  • Always open the layout selector if the ?new-homepage query argument exists.


  • Add ability to change page layout for existing pages.
  • Expose Homepage layouts from other themes in page layout picker.


  • Stop using theme classes for template parts to improve support for FSE blocks’ style attributes.


  • Incorporate Global Styles plugin functionality.
  • Side-load images on template insertion.
  • Remove widgets menu from wp-admin.


  • Change menu order of default pages that FSE creates to 1.


  • Add color, background color, font size, and text alignment support to the Site Title, Site Description, and Navigation Menu blocks.


  • Update page template selector with template preview.


  • Rename wp_template CPT to wp_template_part.


  • Change theme support to Maywood instead of Modern Business.
  • Improve style support and UX issues.
  • Remove featured image support for pages.
  • No longer load FSE editor if theme is unsupported.
  • Improve autosave support.
  • Add embed/shortcode support to header and footer.
  • Several other high priority fixes for the FSE editor.


  • Updates priority of filter so classnames are added properly to the template blocks.


  • Fix issues with Edit template and Back to Page functionality.


  • Fetch templates data from the API.
  • Improve UX flows and fix styling issues.


  • Move template data initialization out of the plugin and delegate it to themes.


  • Update modal UI.


  • Posts List Block – fixes Edit link to only display for users with appropriate permissions.


  • Starter Page Templates – bug fix with sub-locales.
  • Starter Page Templates – fix momentum scrolling on Modal on iOS.
  • Starter Page Templates – improve comprehension of Templates listing by forcing 2col layout on small viewports.
  • Starter Page Templates – introduced version constant for cache busting purposes.


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Latest round of updates


  • Initial Release