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Typeform | Build, embed, and manage beautiful forms right in WordPress

Typeform | Build, embed, and manage beautiful forms right in WordPress


With the new Typeform plugin for WordPress, you can easily access your Typeform workspace, browse forms you’ve already made or create your own, and embed them on your website. Download the plugin and say hello to a smoother workflow!
Visit our help center for step-by-step instructions on how it works.

Why Typeform?

Typeform is a no-code SaaS platform with thoughtfully designed tools that help companies grow their business by engaging with their audience. We offer forms, quizzes, and surveys that turn digital interactions into human connections.

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Turn visitors into customers with stand-out forms

Typeform’s one-question-at-a-time interface feels more like a conversation—and gets higher response rates as a result. We make collecting leads, recommending products, growing your contact list, gathering feedback, registering signups, and answering common questions simple for you and enjoyable for your visitors.

Always on-brand, no design skills required

Upload logos, set color palettes, and create themes everyone on your team can use. You can customize your font, background, images, and videos to match your brand for a seamlessly integrated experience.

Customize and optimize forms with AI

Get more answers by asking better questions. Typeform’s AI will draw on experience and best practices to perfect your language on the fly. Our AI will automatically draft questions and recommend features for your forms based on the kind of insights you need.

Integrate with your favorite tools

  • With 120+ integrations and Zapier, you’re able to send information where you need it.
  • Connect with CRMs, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Zoho, Pipedrive, and more
  • Trigger workflows across your tech stack with automation platforms like Zapier and Make
  • Notify your team about responses in real-time with collaboration tools such as Slack, Airtable, monday.com, and more
  • Measure campaign performances and make optimizations with Meta Pixel, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics

[See all our integrations])(https://www.typeform.com/connect/?utm_source=wordpressorg&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=wordpressorg_integration&utm_content=directory)

This plugin is for embedding forms created over at Typeform. You can’t edit them or see responses inside WordPress.

> This plugin is incompatible with WordPress 4 together with the Gutenberg editor. If you need support for WordPress 4, please use version 0.7.5.


Using this plugin you agree to the Typeform terms and conditions. You can read more about how we manage user data at Typeform on our website.
When installing this plugin, we do not track any of your personal data, we only track some anonymous information about the usage of the plugin, in order to give to the WordPress community a better user experience.


  • Click on the page where you’d like to place the typeform and type /typeform.
  • Decide how you’d like to create a new form, or select and embed an existing one. 3, Customize how you’d like your form to appear on WordPress.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Typeform


Visit our help center for installation instructions.


Visit our help center for step-by-step instructions on how it works.


Июнь 14, 2023
This plugin is incompatible with WordPress 4 and the new Gutenberg editor.” Gutenberg has been in WP core since december 2018… When is it not considered new” anymore?
Май 28, 2020
For a premium service, this plugin is very buggy. For example: * The height” field to set form height will not accept a typed number, so you have to sit there and hold down a button to scroll through all possible numbers one by one to select the desired height * The my typeforms” only shows a list of the most recent 10 forms created on typeform * The directions for including an older form are not clear, but it appears to work to get the form URL and put it there * The form styling does not appear to follow the CSS of the site at all It hasn’t been updated in 8 months. I guess they don’t care?
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  • fix(TU-12694): Pass width and height to correct embed types (#154)
  • chore(deps): bump the typeform group with 2 updates (#159)


  • feat(TU-10936): Add dependabot group config (#151)
  • chore(TU-11272): Bump GHA jobs action versions (#158)
  • chore(TU-11272): Fix GHA jobs cache key
  • chore(TU-11272): Fix GHA jobs caching
  • chore(TU-11272): Fix release job
  • chore(TU-11272): Bump dependencies and node version to 22 (#156)
  • chore(deps): bump @typeform/embed-react from 3.15.0 to 3.16.0 (#150)


  • feat(TU-9257): Update plugin listing README (#149)
  • chore(deps): bump @typeform/embed from 4.5.0 to 4.8.1 (#148)
  • chore(deps): bump @typeform/embed-react from 3.8.0 to 3.11.0 (#145)


  • feat(TU-8158): Bump release tag
  • Bump release tag


  • feat(TU-8158): Update WP banners (#147)
  • chore [PR-41] use central ci-standards-check template (#144)
  • docs(badges): add standard badges to README [PR-41] (#143)


  • feat(TU-3923): UX improvements (#140)
  • Fix(TU-637): add classname to wrapper, fix autoClose (#136)


  • fix(TU-643): Add tracking in options (#135)
  • chore(deps): bump @typeform/frontend-canary-release-engine (#129)
  • chore(deps): bump @typeform/embed-react from 1.17.0 to 3.8.0 (#127)
  • chore(deps): bump @typeform/js-tracking from 17.1.2 to 17.5.0 (#134)


  • feat(TU-574): Refactor getSnippet to bump @typeform/share-utils from 1.8.3 to 3.1.0 (#124)


  • fix(TU-295): Add attribution_user_id to mandatory props on init (#125)


  • feat(TU-574): Add dependabot, config linter (#126)


  • fix(NOJIRA-123): update ci-standard-checks pull_request triggers (#120)


  • fix(TU-295): Add tracking to design settings (#122)


  • fix(TU-295): Update tracking to edit url and select form (#123)


  • fix(TU-295): Add tracking permanent event to select form (#121)


  • fix(REACH-521): Fix readme typo (#119)
  • Feat(REACH-452): Release Typeform WordPress plugin (#111)


  • fix(REACH-634): Add type checking to webpack (#118)
  • chore(REACH-568): Update CODEOWNERS file (#116)
  • chore(REACH-542): Use deployment event action (#114)


  • fix(REACH-504): Update wp4 + gutenberg warning (#112)
  • Feat(REACH-451): Fix cypress tests (#110)
  • chore(SP-1664): remove docker credentials (#106)


  • fix(REACH-241): Button background color (#105)


  • fix(REACH-210): trigger release (#104)
  • chore(REACH-210): Skip errors when updating packages in release (#103)


  • fix(REACH-210): Remove unused launchdarkly sdk (#102)
  • chore(REACH-52): Update CODEOWNERS file (#101)


  • fix: package.json to reduce vulnerabilities (#100)


  • fix(DIST-1975): Tracking initialization with infered consent (#99)
  • chore(DIST-1671): Remove wp shortcode (#97)
  • chore(DIST-1673): Add more unit tests (#96)
  • chore(DIST-1695): Remove init job from release Github action (#95)
  • chore(DIST-1765): Update README


  • fix(DIST-1765): Add screenshots


  • fix(DIST-1765): Update last tested WP version in README


  • fix(DIST-1765): Add full changelog to README


  • fix(DIST-1765): Update README screenshots


  • fix(DIST-1765): Update README and changelog


  • feat(DIST-1765): Update README


  • feat(DIST-1765): Update README
  • chore(DIST-1984): Bump jarvis to 17.1.1 (#93)


  • fix(DIST-1961): Update tested wordpress version readme
  • chore(DIST-1961): Update tested wordpress version readme (#92)
  • chore(DIST-1970): Bump node to v16 and up github actions (#91)


  • fix(DIST-1866): Unskip tests (#90)


  • fix(DIST-1960): Fix wrong background color (#89)
  • chore(DIST-1861): Bump js-tracking v15 (#88)
  • chore(DIST-1861): Major bump js-tracking (#87)
  • build(NOJIRA-1234): migrate GHA runners to ephemeral (#86)


  • fix(DIST-1749): Update readme file and fix deploy to SVN (#85)
  • test(DIST-1718): Remove Applitools, add E2E tests (#84)


  • fix(DIST-1713): Fix widget size (#82)
  • build: move functional tests to ephemeral runners (#83)


  • fix(DIST-1697): Fix release job
  • fix(DIST-1697): Fix deploy job to svn (#80)
  • fix(DIST-1697): Fix deploy script version
  • fix(DIST-1697): Update tested version
  • fix(DIST-1697): Fix readme link (#79)


  • fix(DIST-969): Fix deploy script commit message
  • fix(DIST-969): Update deploy script
  • fix(DIST-969): Fixed deploy script
  • feat(DIST-969): New Release
  • feat(DIST-969): New Release
  • feat(DIST-969): New Release
  • feat(DIST-969): New release (#78)
  • feat(DIST-969): Update release script (#76)


  • fix(DIST-968): Update release process


  • fix(DIST-968): Update readme
  • chore(DIST-968): Update readme notes and release process (#75)


  • chore(DIST-1683): Move github env vars
  • chore(DIST-969): Update node version (#74)
  • chore(DIST-969): Update npm registry (#73)
  • chore(DIST-969): Test release (#71)
  • fix(DIST-1688): Fix default height for widget (#69)
  • fix(DIST-1691): Updated copy (#68)
  • DIST-680 disable preview for custom launch options (#61)
  • fix(DIST-1691): Fixed a typo (#67)
  • fix(DIST-1690): Updated typeform placeholder alignment and copy (#66)
  • fix(DIST-1687): Updated embed sdk github link (#65)
  • fix(DIST-1684): Fix sidetab and popover on mobile or sidebar open (#64)
  • fix(DIST-1685): Change Advanced to Options label (#63)
  • fix(DIST-1681): Remove clear button from color palettes (#62)
  • feat(DIST-1678): Fix focus on popover and sidetab (#59)
  • Dist 1679 fix button text for sidetab (#60)
  • fix(DIST-1677): Make widget block selectable (#57)
  • feat(DIST-1682): Tracking update (#58)
  • fix(DIST-1676): Fix sidebar overlapping options panel (#56)
  • DIST-1661 design settings popover sidetab (#55)
  • feat(DIST-1662): Advanced options (#54)
  • feat(DIST-1660): Design tab for popup and slider (#53)
  • fix(DIST-123): Fix webpack config (#52)
  • fix(DIST-123): Fix webpack config (#51)
  • feat(DIST-938): Add tracking (#47)
  • fix(DIST-967): Popover and sidetab editor side (#49)
  • feat(DIST-1666): Clean build and release files (#50)
  • feat(DIST-1659): Mode select and basic design tab (#48)
  • chore(DIST-967): Dev script fix and readme update
  • chore(DIST-1561): Run integration tests (#46)
  • feat(DIST-935): Save form and show it in post (#44)
  • Feat/dist 934 form url (#43)
  • Dist 966 implement url change (#42)
  • feat(DIST-934): Form url (#41)
  • feat(DIST-965): Preview component (#40)
  • feat(DIST-941): Use LaunchDarkly (#39)
  • chore: Readme changes
  • chore: workflow test
  • chore: Cypress cache
  • chore: Comment condition
  • chore: Workflow on comment (#37)
  • chore(DIST-1560): Remove actions on GH runners (#36)
  • chore(DIST-1560): Add commit-msg, pre-commit and pre-push checks (#34)
  • feat(DIST-970): Create staging website (#28)
  • feat(DIST-1555): Add login functionality (#30)
  • chore(DIST-933): stage file deploy action (#32)
  • test(DIST-964): Add functional tests (#29)
  • chore: action secrets
  • chore: semantic release changes
  • chore: action branch change (#25)
  • test changes to main (#23)