Authors List


Easily display a list or grid of post authors (or any other user role) and links to their post archives page using a shortcode.

Backend UI can be used to change all the options.

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Some of those features are Styler, Search and Filters.
Styler allows easy change of color/typography/spacing on any of the elements in the authors list.
Filters allow you to create a better organization of the authors list.
Search allows your visitors to search for specific users.
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All the options are available in the WP admin but you can also use a plain shortcode (as it was in version 1 of the plugin). The shortcode is [authors_list] and accepts the following attributes.

  • style (1,2,3)
  • columns (2,3,4)
  • columns_direction ( horizontal, vertical )
  • avatar_size (any number, example 500)
  • amount (any number, no limit by default)
  • show_title (yes,no)
  • show_count (yes,no)
  • show_bio (yes,no)
  • show_link (yes,no)
  • orderby ( post_count, post_date, ID, login, nicename, email, url, registered, display_name, first_name, last_name )
  • order ( ASC, DESC )
  • skip_empty ( yes, no )
  • minimum_posts_count ( any number )
  • bio_word_trim ( any number, leave empty for no trim )
  • only_authors ( yes, no )
  • exclude ( user IDs separated by comma, example 1,3,4 )
  • include ( user IDs separated by comma, example 1,3,4 )
  • roles ( roles separated by comma, example administrator,editor )
  • latest_post_after ( for example if set to 7 it will only show authors that have posts published in the past 7 days )
  • name_starts_with ( limit to authors whose display name starts with specific characters )
  • first_name_starts_with ( limit to authors whose first name starts with specific characters )
  • last_name_starts_with ( limit to authors whose last name starts with specific characters )
  • categories ( category IDs separated by comma, example 1,3,4 )
  • terms ( term IDs separate by comma, example 1,3,4 )
  • taxonomy ( name of a taxonomy, for example post_tag )
  • title_element (the element that wraps the name of the user/author, defaults to div, can be any element, for example h2)
  • link_count (yes, no)

Example usage with attributes:

[authors_list style="2" columns="2" amount="4" show_count="no"]

There are additional attributes for custom content before and after each element:

  • before_avatar
  • before_title
  • before_count
  • before_bio
  • before_link
  • after_avatar
  • after_title
  • after_count
  • after_bio
  • after_link

Example usage with attributes:

[authors_list before_title="My custom content"]

These before/after attributes also support dynamic user/author meta fields using


Example usage:

[authors_list before_title="My first name is {al:first_name}"]

They also support some dynamic output functionality. Currently supports displaying posts links and social links (Yoast SEO needed):

Example usage for posts links:

[authors_list after_title="{alf:posts}"]
[authors_list after_title="{alf:posts type=plain amount=5}"]

Example usage for social links:

[authors_list after_title="{alf:social}"]

Example usage for roles:

[authors_list after_title="{alf:role}"]

Example usage for link (the to” parameter accepts foollowing values: archive bbpress_profile buddypress_profile):

[authors_list after_title="{alf:link to=bbpress_profile}"]

Social Icons SVGs by FontAwesome are licensed under CC BY 4.0

What’s Next

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Июль 12, 2021
I’ve spent a lot of time looking for a way to create a list of post authors with their bios. Just found this plugin, added the simple shortcode with no extra attributes and got exactly what I was looking for. It took two minutes. Thank you thank you thank you!
Май 12, 2021
Thank you for this plugin, it works perfectly, and very easy to use.
Январь 13, 2021 1 reply
Beatiful plugin and plugin’s owner is very best bro!
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2.0.4 (January 16th, 2024)

  • Added option for link text
  • Added option for random ordering
  • Added an alternate shortcode (in case of conflicts with other plugins), the shortcode is [sk_authors_list]
  • {al:custom_field_name} now uses get_the_author_meta function as a 2nd fallback
  • Fixed issue with pagination not showing correct amount of pages when the user roles are not authors

2.0.3 (July 10th, 2023)

  • Option to hide/show the avatar
  • Security fixes

2.0.2 (March 30th, 2023)

  • Fixed issue with pagination not working when the pagination slug is modified
  • Fixed issue with Tiktok in social links
  • Update POT (translation template file)

2.0.1 (March 29th, 2023)

  • Pagination” option added to the backend settings

2.0.0 (March 28th, 2023)

  • A completely new version with backend settings (old shortcode parameters still work as they did in version 1)

1.2.9 (November 14th, 2022)

  • Improved the system for ordering by all_post_count”
  • The number of posts element can now be linked to the archive

1.2.8 (October 3rd, 2022)

  • Fixed issue with taxonomy/term filters not working properly for custom post types

1.2.7 (February 21th, 2022)

  • Fixed deprecated notice related to WordPress 5.9

1.2.6 (September 24, 2021)

  • Added parameter first_name_starts_with” (limit to authors whose first name starts with specific characters)
  • Added parameter last_name_starts_with” (limit to authors whose last name starts with specific characters)
  • The parameter latest_post_after” now works with all post types defined in the post_types” parameter

1.2.5 (April 9th, 2021)

  • Accessibility fix (show name in aria-label for the View posts” link). Thanks to @rscano

1.2.4 (January 26th, 2021)

  • New parameter for {alf:posts} function to show post date above the title. Example after_title=”{alf:posts show_date=yes}”
  • New parameter for {alf:posts} function to show posts of specific category. Example after_title=”{alf:posts show_date=yes categories=5}”

1.2.3 (January 10th, 2021)

  • New perameter for {alf:social} function to switch social icons to FontAwesome font. Example: after_title=”{alf:social type=fontawesome-v5}”
  • New dynamic output functon added for showing the user’s latest post date. Example: after_title=”{alf:latest_post_date}”

1.2.2 ( December 25th, 2020 )

  • Issue with amount of authors shown (when specifically defined) conflicting with other parameters

1.2.1 ( December 23rd, 2020 )

  • The orderby” parameter now accepts the value all_post_count” which orders by the count of all post types set in the post_types” parameter

1.2.0 ( October 27th, 2020 )

  • Parameter count_text” now supports zero, singular and plural options

1.1.9 ( October 17th, 2020 )

  • New parameter count_text” that allows changing the text shown for show_count”

1.1.8 ( September 30th, 2020 )

  • Alt attribute added to avatar image
  • New parameter avatar_meta_key” that allows getting the image URL from user meta instead of using Gravatar

1.1.7 ( September 12th, 2020 )

  • New parameter title_element” that allows changing the div that wraps the author’s name/title to an h2, h3, h4… (title_element=”h2″)
  • New dynamic output functon added for showing the user’s role (after_title=”{alf:role}”)
  • New dynamic output function added for showing a link to post archive, bbpress profile or buddypress profile (after_title=”{alf:link to=archive}”)

1.1.6 ( July 20th, 2020 )

  • alf:social now shows the personal website URL as well
  • New parameter minimum_posts_count” added to limit the authors shown to only those that have at least that amount of posts
  • New parameter bp_member_types” that allows showing only specific BuddyPress member types

1.1.5 ( July 2nd, 2020 )

  • The orderby” parameter now accepts the value comment_count” which order by the comment count what posts made by that author received
  • The link_to” parameter now accepts linking to buddypress profile (link_to=”buddypress_profile”)
  • The link_to” parameter now accepts linking to custom meta (link_to=”meta” link_to_meta_key=”meta_key”)
  • New dynamic output function added for showing follow/unfollow button from BuddyPress Followers plugin (after_title=”{alf:buddypress_follow”})

1.1.4 ( June 12th, 2020 )

  • The orderby” parameter now accepts the value rand” to have a random order
  • New parameter link_to” added to allow linking to bbPress profile ( link_to=”bbpress_profile” )
  • New parameter pagination” added, set to yes” to enable pagination

1.1.3 ( May 30th, 2020 )

  • New shortcode attribute to allow only showing authors by the first letter (or more letters) of their display name

1.1.2 ( April 21st, 2020 )

  • New shortcode attributes to allow including only authors with posts in specific taxonomy and terms
  • New orderby attribute value post_date” to order authors by the date of their latest post

1.1.1 ( April 6th, 2020 )

  • Fix for skip_empty option
  • Added link for submit support request” in the plugin action links
  • Bump up WordPress compatibility to 5.4

1.1.0 ( March 18th, 2020 )

  • Option to include only authors who have posts in specific categories

1.0.9 ( February 12th, 2020 )

  • Improvements for output of dynamic user/author meta fields

1.0.8 ( January 28th, 2020 )

  • Links to social profiles for authors

1.0.7 (January 14, 2020)

  • Load CSS only on pages where the shortcode is used
  • Option to set to show only authors of specific post types
  • Option for a vertical direction column layout (like a newspaper layout)
  • Option to show only authors that have posts published today

1.0.6 (December 16, 2019)

  • Option to limit visibility by author’s post date
  • Option to order by first name
  • Option to order by last name

1.0.5 (December 2, 2019)

  • Option to include specific users by ID
  • Option to include specific user roles
  • Option to set posts list to be plain ( divs ) instead of unordered list items
  • Compatibility with custom avatar plugins
  • Responsive fixes

1.0.4 (November 23, 2019 )

  • Option to exclude specific users/authors
  • Ability to display posts of the specific author

1.0.3 (November 12th, 2019)

  • Option to include all users, not just authors

1.0.2 (October 30th, 2019)

  • Added biography words trim option
  • Added ability to add custom content before/after each element
  • Added ability to display custom field values
  • Added option to also show authors that do not have any posts
  • Fixed issue where some authors are not shown

1.0.1 (October 21st, 2019)

  • Added plugin URI (for view details” link in the WordPress admin)
  • Options to change the authors order
  • Fixed issue with layout if images not the same height


  • Initial Release